My Mentors

Ambe Williams

One day, I decided to be brave and dm Ambe on Instagram and asked if she would help me begin my photography journey. It was history from there. She has become an amazing mentor and friend, and lord knows I would have spent way more money on photography gear if it wasn't for her. Her style and experience is one of a kind and I automatically know it's and Ambe J. Williams photo anytime I see on. She is just THAT GOOD. I aspire to be as great as her one day, and I am forever grateful for the invaluable knowledge and laughs we get to share on a weekly basis.

A little bit more about Ambe...

Ambe J. Photography is a headshot and fashion photography studio, based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If you are in need of any type of photo (headshots, portraits, branding, fashion, etc.) and you are in the NY area, she is your girl! Her work is amazing and has been in magazines, broadway playbills, and more! Book her. That is all I will say. Book her!


Instagram: @ambejphotography

Harriet Thompson

HARRIET! I remember the first time I ran across Harriet's page and I was SHOOK. The colors. The textures. The grain. The warmth. The personalties. She has her own unique style where I automatically know if it's her photo or not. She puts her own unique stamp on her images and her work is simply beautiful. I knew I had to do a mentor session with her because I too wanted my images to have their own unique style. It was the right move because she was a big big help in directing me towards how to create my own unique style that stands out from the rest. I am forever grateful for her wisdom. 

A little bit more about Harriet...

Harriet is an elopement and senior photographer based in Athens, GA. Her style is messy and fun, and she is all about creating unique experiences for her clients. Her motto is: I don't want to just document moments, I want to help craft them. If you're in the North Georgia are, why aren't you booking with her already?! Don't be silly, DO IT.


Instagram: @harriets_world

Avery Belser

Avery and I met my junior year of college in an entrepreneurship class for our minor. From day one, I was so amazed by not only his talent but also by how established he was as an entrepreneur at such a young age. When I started my photography journey he was the first person I reached out to and he guided me with much patience (thank you!) and kindness. HE IS GREAT, and his attention and dedication to his craft is inspiring and shows in his work. 

A little bit more about Avery...

Avery is a photographer who  loves both portrait as well as landscape photography, but specializes in studio as well as on location portrait photography. He is based in State College, PA, and is currently obtaining a Bachelor of Design in Professional Photography at The Pennsylvania State University


Instagram: @averybelserphotography

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